Camp Information

All Students


When should I arrive and where should I go?

Check-in times are organized based on the student's last name.

Check-in Time Check-in Date Location
Students A to L
4:00pm — 5:00pm

July 2, 2023

Clark Commons

Students M to Z
5:00pm — 6:00pm

Check-in on July 2 per above. Check-out on July 8 after final concert around 5:00pm

Campus Map

At check-in, you will receive information about your schedule, instructors, and counselors for the week. Residence students will receive their room key, and students registered for a meal plan will receive their meal card. All final payments must be made at this time, if not already completed online.

If you have finished registration before 6:00pm, this is a good time for parents to take their students for a final family meal before the week begins; if your registration time is closer to 6:00pm you may want to have the family meal before arriving. Please note that there is no supper provided on-campus Sunday evening.

Is there anything planned for Sunday evening?
There certainly is! After registration, a general information session will take place. Students will then play a short ensemble placement audition on their instrument. This is an opportunity to make sure that students are placed in groups that are appropriate to their playing level. Please make sure you have your instrument with you!

We will then take a campus tour and participate in small and large group activities to get to know one another. Day students should be picked up at 9:00pm.

What supplies do I need to bring to Acadia?

All students need to bring their own instrument and accessories (include reeds, oil, mutes, etc.), pencils and a small notebook. For those bringing reed instruments, it has been recommended that you select Rico-Royal clarinet and sax reeds: #2.5 for beginners and possibly first year players, #3 for first year and beyond. A clipboard will also prove handy. Percussionists should bring snare drumsticks, as many pair of various mallets as possible, and a practice pad. Make sure your instrument is in good condition before the academy begins.

All students should bring sunscreen, a hat, an umbrella, swimwear, and a small amount of spending money, including coins for the vending machines. You may wish to consider bringing a Frisbee or football for use outside.

Students may bring solo music they would like to work on during camp.

Do not leave any of your belongings or equipment unsupervised in an unsecured area or room. Acadia University will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged articles for the duration of the academies. Please label all of your belongings and equipment!

Activities and Resources

What kind of schedule will I have during the week?
A busy one! Classes run from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Evenings are reserved for programming by our counsellors for all campers. Be sure to consult your schedule daily and check with your counselor each day for any changes.

What about the rest of the day?
There's a lot to do and you will receive a more complete schedule when you arrive at Acadia. Please note that the activities are for all students and we encourage day students to take part in as many events as possible to get the most out of the experience at Acadia. Activities vary each day/evening and may include outdoor sports, a movie night, a variety show, concerts, and more.

Will internet access be available?
Yes, you'll have free access to Acadia's WiFi network throughout the week, which is available in residence, Meal Hall, and all academic buildings.

Who do my parents contact if they need to reach me while I'm at Acadia?
Messages may be left for students at the Residence and Events Office by calling (902) 585-1221. This office is operational 24 hours a day. In the case of an emergency, call Acadia Campus Security at (902) 585-1103.

Final Concert:

The Camp concludes with a final concert on the last day, Saturday, July 8th at 2:00pm in Festival Theatre at 504 Main St.

  • This event is open to family and friends.
  • Students will be ready to leave following the concert.
  • There is no formal dress code for this event.
  • All students are expected to stay for the entire performance.
  • For residence students, check out from residence will occur after the concert.
  • Day students may leave directly from Festival Theatre.
Residence Students

Where will I be staying on-campus?

In 2023, we will be using Eaton House as our residence for students.  Students who have been coming for a few years will be familiar with this building. It is in the same quad of buildings we have used for the last few years.

Can my friend and I be roommates?

Absolutely! Both residences have double rooms to accommodate this request. When you register online, be sure to include your friend's name(s) when the question is asked.

What should I bring for my stay in residence?

Bedding and pillows will be provided, but you should bring towels, face cloths, other personal items such as shampoo, soap, shower shoes, toothbrush, and toothpaste, some spending money (including change for vending machines), an alarm clock or watch, running shoes, sportswear, shorts, and a water bottle.

  • There is no air-conditioning, so students with a small fan will be popular!
  • Do not leave any of your belongings or equipment unsupervised in an unsecured area or room.
  • Acadia University will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged articles for the duration of the academies.
  • Please label all of your belongings and equipment!

Is internet access available?

Yes, you'll have access to Acadia's Wifi network in residence and throughout other buildings on campus (Meal Hall, etc.)

How do I eat while in residence?

Each residence student's room key is also their meal card. Acadia's Wheelock Dining Hall will provide you with breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. Specific meal times have been arranged and are listed below.

If you have specific food restrictions (allergies, sensitivities, etc.), please clearly communicate them to us via the registration form or by contacting our offices to be sure we are aware of your needs. Our meal hall is very familiar with these types of requests, and they will be sure alternatives are always available at each meal.

Daily Meal Schedule (subject to change)

Breakfast 7:30am — 8:15am
Lunch 12:00pm — 1:00pm
Dinner 5:00pm — 6:00pm


Day Students

Where can my parents drop me off and pick me up each day?

All day campers must sign in and out each day. All campers should check in by 8:45am in the Denton Hall auditorium each morning.  All camp participants will start each day together in a session beginning at 9:00am sharp, so please arrive between 8:15am-8:45am. A counselor will be there to check you in. Campers will check out at "Camp Central" in Eaton House between 4:15 and 4:30. If a later pick-up is required, please let our counselling team know.

If you will be leaving campus on your own at the end of the day, you must provide permission from a parent (either written or communicated directly to a counselor) at the beginning of the week. You must still sign in and sign out whenever you arrive or leave campus.

What do I do for lunch?

When you register, you can choose to enrol as a day camp student with lunches included. We will provide you with a meal card at check-in and you will go to Wheelock Dining Hall for lunch each day with the other campers. Day campers may also choose to buy supper at Wheelock (18.67+HST) instead of going home and coming back for the evening activities.

Can I participate in evening activities?

Of course! There will be optional evening programming for all students until approximately 9:00pm each evening. Day students are welcome to go home at 4:15pm and return in time for the events if it's more convenient. Or, you can choose to purchase a meal at the dining hall, as described above. The schedule you will receive on Monday will provide more information on the evening activities, and your counsellors will have updates as well.